"I took my 1990 Bronco II, in for repair work on work previously done at another shop. BOB’S not only repaired my transmission but updated several fixes and corrected other faults they found. I have had other work done afterwards and have not had any complaints. If something seems out of place in the work they did it’s checked and corrected quickly. I highly recommend BOB’S 151 to anyone needing repairs."

- Joseph McGee

"Bob's 151 Transmission has done my repair and service work for many years on Chevy, Buick and Ford. They have always been honest and helpful and above all find and fix the problem. Most recently they saved me over $200 on an engine repair compared to another place, because they took the time to find the real problem. The shop is immaculate and Kirk and the crew do a great job."

- Steven F.

"I have taken both of my personal vehicles and my work vehicle in for service at 151 transmission. The facility is clean, and the work is excellent. This is not just a transmission shop. Virtually any repairs or maintenance on virtually any vehicle can be done here. Excellent parts and materials are used and with the utmost care. I appreciate a place that uses a torque wrench to tighten the lug nuts on a tire rotation instead of just cranking them on and calling it close enough. You won't find better service anywhere for anything from an oil change to a transmission replacement."

- Chris H.

"My original service work on my 2002 Town & Country, a transmission rebuild, was completed in October of 2009 with which I was pleased. Now two years later I had a major transmission problem, and took it to Bob's for an opinion. I was informed that although a part internal to the transmission failed and would need to be replaced, my warranty was still good for a year, or 26K miles, and the work would be completed under warranty, which it was, to my complete satisfaction. Kudos to Kirk and the guys at Bob's 151 transmission!! This shop stands behind its service!"

- Curtis C.

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